Month: November 2015

Our artists

The past week on Facebook has been great, we’re up to 98 likes in just over the week we’ve been up and running! Keep those likes coming, share our page  with friends, friends of friends and everyone you know. Our Instagram has also been doing fairly well and yes, I know there hasn’t been much movement other than us promoting. But before we know it, our first release date will be here and then things will be up in full swing.

Speaking of that release date, while I’m still waiting on bios from certain artists,  I can at least introduce you to the ones that we do have! (I know life and stuff gets busy, especially with the holidays coming up soon)

DSC07386Devious Lifeform: 

Devious Lifeform started out as one half of the live pa duo Modulo-2 alongside DJ Phosphor. Later on, being a solo performer under the names Karmah and Devious Lifeform.

One third of the founders of Soup Factory Records.

Devious Lifeform’s favourite soup? He’s already mentioned what his favourite soup is in a previous post that can be found here.


whupass-closeupDJ Whupass (photo credit: Leah Gair Photography)

Jeff Boychuk, aka DJ Whupass, hit the drum and bass scene in 2005.
After appearing on numerous radio programs over the years, he made appearances playing shows in Canada and the US alongside some of the worlds most well known and respected DJ’s such as Stunna, Mason, Martyn, Dieselboy, AK1200, Dara, Vaski, Mark Instinct and more.

Around 2011, he decided to try his hand at production, eventually seeing a release with his tune, The Human Centipede (as Max Wage) on Elektrik Beatz Recordings.

Jeff’s favourite soup? “Probably consume soup from whatever Chinese restaurant I happen to be ordering from.” He doesn’t have a favourite recipe, because he doesn’t cook. (and yes, he will admit that!)

Hopefully I can get the bios from ShortCircuit, Gumby & Smooths soon. We have lots more cooking in the kitchens, but you’ll have to stay tuned to find out what it is. 😉


Social Media

As we get this label off the ground, I’ve been setting up some social media sites for all you awesome people to follow. All because I helped out Steph figure something out on WordPress, I’m all of a sudden in charge of social media! (not that I’m complaining, it’s been fun so far and I can only imagine the adventure that will be had as we go forward)

Facebook – everything will be on here

Twitter – Links for releases, blog posts and other random nonsense from myself and our artists.

Soundcloud – You will find up coming releases here! (Stay tuned, first release is set for January, 2016)

Instagram – You’ll find pictures of our artists and more here (and soup lol) 😉

YouTube – The teaser trailer is up for our label! You’ll find more videos in the future here 🙂

We might get more social media stuff set up in the near future, gotta start with something though right?

Stay tuned in the next few weeks for another post that has our artist bios and more stuff that we’ll be rolling out in the near future.ry3erzj6qD2nY6lqSRKG_tfkYifJAxB_fEMqq3NJbZQ

Hello world.

Excuse the state of things around here, needed to launch the site in this condition to get things rolling and because Fallout 4 was crashing on me way too much today.

Expect lots of changes in the next while 🙂

First release is scheduled to be out in early january 2016, just a over a month away.

In the meantime, make my favorite soup:


Devious Lifeform’s Nona’s Home Made Minestroni

  • 2 carrots
  • 3 sticks of celery
  • 2 large potatoes, chopped
  • 1 large can of kidney beans
  • salt, pepper to taste
  • 1 knorr beef bullion cube
  1. chop all ingredients to your desired consistency
  2. toss in large pot
  3. fill with water
  4. boil the shit out of (apox 1 hour) seasoning as you go
  5. run everything through a passetutto (look it up), food processor, whichever
  6. add your fave pasta noodles

“Soup so good it even makes the dead feel better” – DL’s Nona