Artists part 2.

I know it seems like we’ve been silent over here in the Soup Factory kitchens, but really we haven’t. We’re still coming up with some great things in the shadows, hopefully things will be coming out soon.

We’re up to 100 likes over on our Facebook page 😀 Keep those likes coming, we’re going to have a few contests coming up in the new year, so keep your eyes and ears open for those.

I know the last post I made, I only posted bios from 2 of our artists. Well guys, here are the other 3!

DJ Gumby

gumby-headshotFrom the dark rooms at the legendary 123 Princess warehouse parties in Winnipeg, to all the way to Lethbridge, Calgary, Edmonton, Banff, all over Saskatchewan, Manitoba, some of Ontario, and even down in Chicago, Gumby has been bring all flavours of Drum and Bass to the ears of party goers since late 1997. From there, he hosted weekly web radio streams based out of Los Angeles and London, England. With his smooth mixing style, and ever present bare nipples, he has made the jump to producer with his first release appearing on the Soup Factory Records launch release.

One third of the Soup Factory founders.


The Smooths


Chris Smooths, didn’t play the flute as kid. The band he never played in had no influence on his choice to make dance music. He sold his sweet IROC Camaro back in 2000 for turntables… what a mistake that was. Anyway, after countless years and money spent djing he figured he throw more money at dance music and bought some production gear. So here we are, wasting more time and money… Two things he really doesn’t have much of to begin with.

He’d much rather let his tracks speak for themselves.

AND finally….





Yep, this was all we were able to get. haha.


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