Artist Profile – Krisco

Well, we’ve added yet another chef to our kitchens here!

He’s been around in the Winnipeg Drum & Bass scene since the early 2000’s, and after taking a few years off from the scene, he’s back with some awesome tracks for your listening pleasure.

Head over to his Soundcloud to take a listen!

Krisco - Bio Pic

Krisco started DJ’ing in the early 2000’s. His first gigs taking place on jungle nights at The Avenue in downtown Winnipeg. Over the years he stayed heavily involved in local DNB scene. Collaborating with many others, putting on events and weeklies such as the legendary Extra Strength Saturdays at the Die Maschine. He later found himself branching out to other genres and held a residency with Winnipeg’s notorious House/Techno outfit, Symptom Technologies. Now, after a few years away from the scene, he is focused on the production side of things and has gone back to his true love of Drum & Bass.


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