Month: March 2016

SFR003 is now out!

The day is here, technology is on our side and we were able to get the 3rd track issues sorted 🙂

Keep reading and just below, you can pick up our 3rd EP, featuring tracks from Krisco, Smooths & shortcircuit for only $3! Or, you can also buy the tracks individually for $1 if you only want one or two.

I’m listening to the tracks right now, you won’t be disappointed. We have some nice rollers on this one.

We have a few things coming up in the next little bit so stay tuned for some exciting stuff! *coughcoughlabellaunchpartycoughcough* Just planning things out so keep an eye out 😉




SFR003 preview

Our 3rd EP is coming out in a couple of days (this Friday) and so here’s a quick preview of 2 of the 3 tracks!

This EP features our newest chef Krisco, Smooths and the 3rd one will be figured out tomorrow. It will either be ShortCircuit or Devious Lifeform. (Gotta love technology lol)

Take a listen and stay tuned for the Bandcamp link this weekend.