Hey you lovely Soup Factory friends, the long awaited SF004 is finally here and is finally being released!

I know you all have been waiting for a while for this one, but life happens and so we’ve been busy over here in the Soup kitchens. But, the time has finally come for your listening pleasure, with tracks from Devious Lifeform, Krisco and Smooths.

Head over to our Bandcamp  page, or by clicking on “buy now” at the top of our Facebook page (which you should all have liked by now).



A new mix

I know that we’ve been quiet here at the Soup Factory, but it doesn’t mean our chefs aren’t busy cooking up stuff for the summer and your listening pleasures.

First off, our very own Krisco has done a mix for you! He’s mixed up some nice liquid rollers, perfect for those chill summer vibes. You can head over to his Mixcloud to listen or his Soundcloud to be able to listen and download it. I know for myself, I’ll definitely be downloading it and it’ll very likely be in regular rotation in my playlists over here.

Secondly, we’re just waiting on a few technical things for our 3rd track and our long awaited 4th EP will be finally out. I know it’s been a while since we’ve released anything, but as we all know, life gets in the way and things happen. You can go listen to the preview from Krisco and Smooths over on our Soundcloud. You won’t be disappointed.

Hang tight, it’ll be soon!

cheers 🙂



SFR003 is now out!

The day is here, technology is on our side and we were able to get the 3rd track issues sorted 🙂

Keep reading and just below, you can pick up our 3rd EP, featuring tracks from Krisco, Smooths & shortcircuit for only $3! Or, you can also buy the tracks individually for $1 if you only want one or two.

I’m listening to the tracks right now, you won’t be disappointed. We have some nice rollers on this one.

We have a few things coming up in the next little bit so stay tuned for some exciting stuff! *coughcoughlabellaunchpartycoughcough* Just planning things out so keep an eye out 😉



SFR003 preview

Our 3rd EP is coming out in a couple of days (this Friday) and so here’s a quick preview of 2 of the 3 tracks!

This EP features our newest chef Krisco, Smooths and the 3rd one will be figured out tomorrow. It will either be ShortCircuit or Devious Lifeform. (Gotta love technology lol)

Take a listen and stay tuned for the Bandcamp link this weekend.

SFR002 is out!

Sorry for the late in the day post everyone, but life happens, cars are pains in the ass and so on. But I’m not here to talk about that…

I’m here to say, the day is finally upon us!

SoupFactory Record’s 2nd EP is out! This one features tracks from Whupass, uewpeap & Smooths.

All 3 of our chefs have very different styles for your listening pleasure, so head on over to our Bandcamp page and take a listen. Don’t forget to hit “Buy Now”, for $3 you can have 3 more awesome tracks, cheap!

It’s that time!

When things are just perfect, you gotta let the world know. And well, we just couldn’t wait any longer, the day is finally here and our first EP is out!

I’m always amazed at the amount of talent we have here in the prairies, it’s seriously everywhere. And our artists here at SFR are no exception.

Since November, 3 of our artists, Devious Lifeform, Short Circuit and Whupass, have been working hard in our kitchens, making some wicked drum & bass beats for your listening pleasure, along with some soup on the side of course.

Head over to our Bandcamp page to get the SFR001 EP. All 3 tracks are pretty awesome, seriously, go. Now! Take a listen, you won’t be disappointed. And don’t forget to buy it! (you should always trust your social media manager, I’d never lead you astray) 😉